The Russ Liquid Test – Fanghorn

The Russ Liquid Test is the brain spawn of Russell Scott, the man behind his initial project simply called Russ Liquid. The Russ Liquid Test took the live performance aspect of the project one step further, adding Andrew Block on guitars and Deven Trusclair on drums. The trio have since been making some of the funkiest live-electronic tunes to date, and have a forthcoming EP that they’ve started rolling out. The first track from the upcoming EP is a short 3-minute jam entitled ‘Fanghorn.’

‘Fanghorn’ ditches the traditional intro and buildup, opting rather to just drop straight into the groove. ‘Fanghorn’ has the structure and sound design to play perfectly into a Russ Liquid Test live set. Often exploring slower and funkier instrumentals throughout the set, the Test have a knack for throwing in several surprise funky bass bangers, and this track definitely fits that role. While we have no further information yet on the release of the EP, we do know that ‘Fanghorn’ is the lead single, and we expect the trio to unveil another single or two in the near future prior to release. Check out ‘Fanghorn’ below.