Bassiani Nightclub Re-Opens After A Police Raid

We are pleased to announce that Bassiani Nightclub has reopened their club after the May 12th police raid. The club management spread their news through Facebook, showing fans their support with over 4K likes!

If you go onto their website, you can donate to help retain Bassiani and the Horoom nights team to prep for their legal battle and to stop the state oppression. We welcome them back with open arms after Tbilisi police linked 5 drug-related deaths to this nightclub. However, these 5 fatalities did not happen while on the premises.


Artists and nightclub-goers have shown their support during this time with a protest and several artists sharing videos of their love and support to Bassiani.

Bassiani created an event via Facebook, ‘United We Stand, United We Dance’, that will be hosted on May 27th in support of the unequal environment.

“May 27th is a symbolic date, entire Berlin club scene (about 70 night clubs) is going to hold massive rallies and raves in Germany. We join our German friends with local spirit and the representatives of Georgian electronic music scene, clubs, festivals, artists, labels and musical projects will stand together and continue to fight against unequal environment!
Today dance is a political act; Tbilisi rave rally is the manifestation of unity of clubs and wider public! BASSIANI / HOROOM / SPACEHALL door is open for all!

We stand together, we dance together, we fight together, we win together!

Georgian club initiative has been joined by global online music platform BOILER ROOM and Tbilisi rally will be broadcasted via live stream.”- Bassiani

Drug-related fatalities are often correlated with the nightclub and entertainment scene. You cannot stop it from happening, but you can help if someone needs it.

We are pleased that Bassiani has re-opened for business, and we hope that people are more careful and cautious while using a substance, whether it is alcohol or drugs.