Tech-YES! Beatport’s Best-Selling Genre is Techno

This one is for you techno enthusiasts! According to figures recently released in the 2018
IMS Business Report, techno has remained the best-selling genre on Beatport.

It comes as no surprise as deep house, drum & bass, tech-house, and house form the top five more popular genres in terms of sales. Despite having only been introduced on the platform back in March, techno and melodic house rank in the sixth place. Music-lovers truly can’t get enough of these blissful sounds!

The often underground platform has shown some seriously impressive growth in revenue from the track sales. To give you an idea, the profits have almost doubled in 2017 alone, proving that the love for techno isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Key market destinations such as Germany, North America, and the U.K. all witnessed the strong increase in sales of recorded music overall.

In celebration of this recent revelation, Beatport has also reported the release of the new Hype Charts. The introduction will help promote, and more importantly, support, independent labels. Even more exciting, it will allow its users to stream the complete virtual catalog directly to DJ software. This groundbreaking new technology will be dropping sometime in 2019.

Can we get a Tech-YES?!