Sydney Opera House Displays Stunning Psychedelic Performance To EPROM’s Music

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is one of the 20th century’s most famous and distinctive buildings. Recently, the infrastructure celebrated bass music at its height with EPROM alongside artists Air Max ‘97 and x/o. The 15 minute demonstration was entitled ‘METAMATHEMAGICAL’, and it sure is. Instead of delving into mathematics itself, this display dives into a psychedelic exhibition of mathematical creations that are simply magical.

EPROM was selected to participate in this display for the Sydney’s Vivid Festival — an event that focuses on cutting-edge light and music combinations. The Opera House shells are perfect for casting projections set to music to transform it into something entirely out of this world. The visuals come courtesy of Jonathan Zawada. You might recognize his work on the cover art of Flume‘s Skin, Baauers‘s Aa, and EPROM’s Pineapple EP.

One of the most colorful characters of the vibrant West-Coast scene is Alexander Dennis, also known as EPROM. Dennis is a consummate post-millennial producer and his sound varies from toxic hip-hop, searing garage mutations to bizarre concoctions somewhere in between. He’s had releases on Warp, Surefire, and Bristol-based Bad Acid, but his Rwina releases have been the most visible and enduring.

His sounds are either a time stretch torture or fierce melodic geysers. They can also be deconstructionist mayhem where dubstep and grime collide for a monstrous swell. Imagine shaking off heavy blotches of radioactive, fluorescent sludge every time the beat drops.  His live sets are something to behold as well. They emphasize the hip-hop roots that lurk underneath his sewer beats. An hour of EPROM will turn your brain into the same sort of goo that gears his distinctive beats.

View the breathtaking video below. What do you think?

Lighting of the Sails: Metamathemagical

Absolutely thrilled that I, along with artists Air Max '97 Music and, have been invited to contribute sound for a 15 minute video projection on the side of the Sydney Opera House, entitled METAMATHEMAGICAL and creatively helmed by the incomparable Jonathan Zawada. The installation will play as part of Sydney's Vivid festival, as versicolored 3D images transform the sails of the Opera House into something entirely otherworldly.Sydney Opera House, BridgeClimb Sydney #VIVIDLIVE

Posted by EPROM on Thursday, May 24, 2018