Galaxy Note 9 and S10 Will Launch Early + Galaxy X Surprise

It is now confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 phones will be launched earlier than expected. Although the new phones will launch early, many fans are not satisfied with the limited updates. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ were also released a month early this year but only received minor updates.

While the new Galaxy phones this year may have very few updates to look forward to, Samsung has something new in store for us in 2019. According to a report from The Korea Herald, the new Galaxy Note 9 could be released as soon as August. To further support this report, The Korea Herald also claims that production of the Galaxy Note 9’s Super AMOLED display began in April this year, two months earlier than when Samsung started production of the Galaxy Note 8 screens in 2017. The Galaxy Note 8 launched on September 15th last year, further supporting the claim that the Note 9 will be released a month early this year.

As we know, Samsung recently released an upgraded Galaxy S9 and S+. Unfortunately, the only upgrade to the device was new internal storage options – 128GB and 256GB. We can expect upgraded speeds and Samsung’s new Super Dual Pixel Camera. The external design of the phone will look exactly the same though. Not to worry, Samsung is planning something even bigger that makes up for the small improvements.


Going back to The Korea Herald, they claim that Samsung also plans to release the well awaited Galaxy S10 early! We can expect the S10 to have the same upgraded internal storage options to allow users to take advantage of the Super Dual Pixel Camera and slow-mo capabilities. Additionally, the S10 will likely feature a fingerprint sensor under the display, along with a stunning display screen; the most impressive display Samsung has ever produced. The S10 may be announced as soon as January 2019 at CES.

But wait, that’s not all that Samsung has in store for us in 2019. Why is Samsung launching its devices ahead of schedule? To stay ahead of Apple? According to The Korea Herald’s report, it’s to release an entirely new Galaxy phone series the public wants; the foldable “Galaxy X”. This revolutionary phone design will house top of the lines specs and raise the bar for smartphone competitors. The report says Samsung will unveil the Galaxy X smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2019. Furthermore, production of the revolutionary foldable OLED display will begin in November of this year, enough time for the release in mid 2019. “It would take two to three months to assemble the parts, so the first foldable phones may be able to debut around February,” an unnamed source told The Korea Herald.

The Galaxy X already sounds worth the wait and will revolutionize how smartphones will be designed in the future. Samsung has learned from their mistakes by rushing products out, and is ensuring that the Galaxy X will be flawless. If you’re happy with the phone you have now, it may be smart to hold off on a new phone until 2019. The Galaxy X will likely be expensive to stay in line with competitors. Stay tuned for more news regarding the Galaxy X, including price, specs, and release dates. We’ll see how well sales go for the S10 and Note 9 this year. Does the foldable Galaxy X sound like a phone you would purchase and is it worth the wait?