FutureDJs Initiative Offers DJing As Secondary Education In The UK

For anyone that has ever wanted to learn or aspired to be a DJ, now you can. As part of your General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in the UK, becoming a DJ is easier than you think.

How did this come to fruition? Well, examination boards now recognize decks as formal instruments. That puts these DJing materials in competition with other musical instruments like a guitar, piano, saxophone, etc.

The program is called FutureDJs– an education business supplying young people with professional DJ and music production tutors to schools nationwide. Tutors deliver a unique program of study created by professionals; they start at Key Stage 2 and running through Key Stage 5, in accordance with the new AQA, OCR, and Eduqas GCSE music specifications.

One of the key focuses of the organization is to get more young people into music. In turn, more students can take the GCSE and A-Level Music. Professional DJs and instructors Austen Smart and Scott Smart will teach the course’s curriculum. Their technique lends some students saying they learn better after using DJing as a creative outlet. Other subjects, therefore, become easier and less stressful to learn.

The lessons will teach rhythm, timbre, tone, meter, harmony, and other facets of music theory. Whatever length of time these future DJs choose to pursue their careers, they will now at least be fully prepared and educated. The program has raised over £260,000 in four days. Such a swell of excitement and awareness has extended their campaign to increase their chances of funding so that everyone gets the chance to DJ.

The program also features pop up roadshows and interactive assemblies with enrichment talks. Surprise DJ performances create unparalleled demand for further learning. Talks from artists, record label owners, and industry specialists inspire students to find their passion and follow their dreams. To learn more, watch the video below and visit their website here.