Eli & Fur – Night Blooming Jasmine

 Eli & Fur – Night Blooming Jasmine

Out now is another brilliant tune from Anjunadeep keynotes Eli & FurEliza Noble & Jennifer Skillman make a homecoming with this four-track EP titled Night Blooming Jasmine which releases in full on July 13th. The UK duo returns to their songwriting roots as they put their voices at the forefront. Blending their trademark rolling grooves with a refined production style, this release is nothing short of greatness.

This first release from the EP pays brooding homage to Los Angeles. It is built around an infectious vocal hook and crisp percussive groove. “We wrote most of the lyrics while in the city and recorded the vocals in the studio…it really takes us back,” they explain. Envision the smell, city lights, night skies and never wanting to leave. What do you feel when you remember how the city of Angels used to be? The decadence of the American dream and everything it went through.

Their journey as club DJs has inspired them in producing their music. Drawing from those experiences as well as their song-based tracks, Noble and Skillman make something a little different here that means a lot artistically. This EP merges the two worlds of song and experience together. They hope that what you hear in these songs is their love of song-writing and the darker, more melodic side of electronic music. They are here to tell stories and create emotions.

Eli & Fur have perfected their deep house sound built around contagious melodies, heavy driving bass lines topped with their renowned brooding vocals. Their sound has developed into something unique; they’ve earned them respect from a lot of big names in the industry. They are true talent wrapped in a bundle of laughs, feeling their way as they go while having a good time. You can listen to the title track and pre-order the full EP below.

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