Let’s be honest for a second. There are A LOT of producers and deejays with their own record labels these days. For many, it’s a way to release their own music without having to deal with a major record label, that may put restrictions on their music. For others, it’s about finding new talent and bringing the world alternative, divergent sounds. One of these labels in particular is mau5trap. From Rezz to BlackGummy to ATTLAS, deadmau5’s very own record label is a force to be reckoned with. Coming at us with some new music this Friday is ethereal techno producer, ATTLAS and his new single ‘Want.’

Jeff Hartford, aka ATTLAS has been signed to mau5trap since 2015. For a while, the producer was very secretive, never revealing his identity. This actually led fans to believe ATTLAS was deadmau5’s new alias. Which speaks volumes for just how talented Jeff has been since day one. His newest single ‘Want’ is his fourth release in the past three months.

Today, ATTLAS took to social media to give a little backstory on the track:

 “A few words about this track that is special to me… Want explores the dichotomy of outside living and music made from a machine. The freedom of open spaces and what it takes to mentally untether when you’re there…It’s a busy, noisy world, but we all feel that tug towards something beyond our current experience – the want.”

With Rezz giving us some confirmation that her album is finished, will we also get an album from ATTLAS in the near future?

Listen to ‘Want’ below.

ATTLAS – Want | Stream