Virtual Self Debuts New Music Video For ‘Key’

Virtual Self EP

Porter Robinson has made another mark in the electronic dance music world since the launch of his new alias, Virtual Self. Even though most of us are biased when it comes to Porter Robinson because of ‘Spitfire’, ‘Language’ and of course ‘World’s’, his new alias has delivered hypnotic and emotional sets that have brought the EDM industry back to life. Since the EP, which came out back in November 2017, Virtual Self has created majestic live shows across the US.

There is no question that Porter Robinson is a master of all things dance. And now, he has released a new music video by his alias, Virtual Self.  Indulge in the sounds and animations in his new music video “Key” from his EP Virtual Self.  With this video out now, we can only imagine what he has in store for us next! Listen, watch and be inspired by this incredible trance track by Virtual Self!