Slander & SAYMYNAME – I Can’t Escape (Computa Reboot)

Slander & SAYMYNAME I Can't Escape (Computa Reboot)Slander & SAYMYNAME – I Can’t Escape (Computa Reboot)

Computa is a dude who seems to have come out of nowhere. He has just a single release, his reboot of Slander & SAYMYNAME’s ‘I Can’t Escape’, on his SoundCloud page. It is no wonder why he is getting so much credit for this track; it’s pure fire.

The dynamics in this song are what make it stand out. The breakdowns and introduction are soft and laid back. They lull you into a false sense of security while the vocals drift over the top. The tune slowly adds momentum until it hits the drop, which is a massive wall of subsonic energy. The sound design of Computa comes to the front of the mix, and it hits you with gnarled and twisted synthesizers that are dance floor killers. The drop gets in and does its damage, before the soft swing of the breakdown takes the energy back down.

Slander & SAYMYNAME – I Can’t Escape (Computa Reboot):