Paul Kalkbrenner Brings Us Closer To His New Album With “Part 6”

Few artists epitomize Europe’s roll in the evolution of dance music like Paul Kalkbrenner, and his latest single, “Part 6”, proves that even further.  Kalkbrenner is among a group of stalwarts who have been holding down clubs and festivals in Europe for almost 30 years.

Kalkbrenner himself hails from Berlin, the undisputed techno capital of the world. His upcoming album, Parts of Life will be a love letter to the city that not only birthed him, but the music he loves so much. Rather than remixing and rearranging old tunes as he did on his ‘Back To The Future’ mixtapes, Kalkbrenner is back with entirely original music shared in its purest form.

As with his last single, “Part 8”, Kalkbrenner displays his familiarity with club beats alongside his signature uplifting melodies. Those who have seen Kalkbrenner’s world-renowned live performances know this track will hit right in the feels when he’s up on stage. Hearing Kalkbrenner pose the query “Is this what we’re living for?” can only be answered by a resounding “yes.”

One place Kalkbrenner is undoubtedly excited to share his new material will be this summer at Tommorowland. So much so that he saw fit to pay homage to the legendary festival by filming a performance video of the new song on the empty grounds. In less than 100 days people from all over the world will fill those grounds. Kalkbrenner is simply getting things warmed up.

Watch the video below to hear ‘Part 6’ which is now available.