Steve Angello’s Three-Part Album ‘HUMAN’ is a Spiritual, Cinematic Masterpiece

Today, Steve Angello released his long anticipated second studio album Human. Steve Angello has often discussed his desire to stray from the typical approach associated with electronic dance music production. On Human, Angello was able to take the rules we are accustomed to in electronic dance music, completely break them, and deliver a masterpiece that explores themes such as desire, success, religion, spirituality, and freedom. Not to mention, from a musical standpoint, Human is one of the purest progressive and electro house body of works released in recent memory.

Prior to the release of his 2016 debut album Wild Youth, Angello expressed his desire to re-explore the way he approached writing songs and music in general. The result was 13 songs that told stories of adolescence, growth, rebellion, love and love lost. All of the themes he explored on Wild Youth are feelings that often occur early on in our journey through life. What made Wild Youth incredibly unique in that aspect, is the fact that Angello was drawing directly from the personal stories of his life up to that point, yet the album was still highly relatable to listeners.

On Human, Angello builds on the themes he started on Wild Youth, continuing to explore the transition he has made from the energetic youth of his past, to a mature human who has reached a place of comfort and freedom that many of us strive to achieve. Angello has found a place in his life and career where he has thrown expectations out the window, and he made an album that dove deeper into his journey and how he has reached his current point in life.

It is clear that Steve Angello has a well crafted a vision for his music, and it is obviously highly personal. While we may never truly understand his vision or the personal stories he is drawing from, the message he has shared on Human will absolutely inspire and resonate with listeners. We encourage you to listen to the album in its entirety, it will be worth your time. Stream Human below.