Niles Rodgers Claims Avicii as the Best Natural Melody Writer

Niles Rodgers is a world renowned producer who has worked with nearly everyone. He’s a guitarist, songwriter, producer, composer and member of the band CHIC so if anyone knows how to write a song, you bet Niles Rodgers is one of the best at it. On the roster of musicians Rodgers has worked with was none other than Avicii.

Niles Rodgers had worked with Avicii on a large amount of music, much of which was thrown away. According to Rodgers, when Avicii and him worked on music together it always seemed to make the music better.

In an interview with Complex Rodgers said,

Avicii is such a great natural melody writer that he can write himself out of any corner. Honestly, maybe one of the best, if not the best I’ve ever worked with.

Avicii had no formal musical training but wrote what he thought sounded good, resulting in a natural method of making music.

The death of Avicii hit the famed producer very hard as Rodgers was on the way to perform at Coachella. The two last performed three years ago, but Avicii was drunk for the performance leaving Rodgers upset and heartbroken. The recent passing of Avicii put him in tears and cited Avicii not only as the best melody writer but as a little brother.