Mightyfools Bid Farewell to the DJ Life

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The Dutch duo Mightyfools have decided to throw in the producer towel, subsequently ending their reign of high their take on the electro-bass music scene. Their adventures took them across the US and European festival circuit, performing with DJ’s such as Hardwell, Laidback Luke, and Yellow Claw.

MF’s Facebook announcement is filled with their gratitude for the support of the fans. Their words delve into a more serious issue of mental health awareness. It was stated that Andy had been going through a bit of depression, (but is getting better.) Even with massive success by being a source of happiness can be draining.

Mightyfools who consisted of Andy Samin and Jelle Keizer, have released a statement on Facebook explaining their reasoning for ending the decade-long experience. You can read their Facebook post explaining why they made the dive below. We hope the best for them in the path they continue on.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts forever for all of the love and support. We will never forget it.

– Jelle & Andy

Although this is a sorrowful occasion, the end of one thing is the beginning of another: and that quote is not only used when breaking up with a significant other. Jelle will continue to produce music, and the future looks bright with a focus on personal development. Undoubtedly more information on his new project will be elaborated upon as more information develops.

Who truly knows what the future holds? The potential to get back together to produce music after a few years of a hiatus after a period of time is still valid. The two are going to continue to play shows until the end of 2018. If you wish to relive your first time seeing Mightyfools for one final bash, this is your time to act!