Kyle Watson’s Track ‘Harvard’ Was Stolen By Cheeky D & He’s Not Taking It Lightly

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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when someone is straight up copying you and stealing your hard work, there is nothing amicable about these facts at all. Kyle Watson is the most recent target in this unfortunate situation as Dean Kempson, AKA Cheeky D, has released, what seems to be, the exact same track as the ‘Don’t Talk‘ producer.

In 2016, the Johannesburg-born DJ released an incredible track entitled ‘Harvard‘ on his label Box of Cats. Fast forward a couple of years – on February 26, the not-so-cheeky Cheeky D has literally uploaded the exact same track on his own label. To make matters even worse, the notorious musician renamed the tune ‘Bass Hack‘, and here’s the real kicker: his label is called Immoral Music. How awful is that!?

Check Out The Two Tracks Below:

Here’s the Beatport link to ‘Bass Hack’ by Cheeky D.

Stealing is never okay; however, when you are taking something that someone put their heart and soul into creating, that’s almost worse than stealing something materialistic.

When Kyle Watson discovered the truth, he tried to quietly resolve the issue, with who we are now calling Sneaky D, yet it seems as though the music thief wasn’t responding to the kind gesture, despite the circumstance.

Hey Dean Kempson since you aren't replying to my private mail to you let's see if we can handle this out here. Care to…

Posted by Kyle Watson on Monday, April 23, 2018

Props to the compassionate musician for being so patient…we aren’t so sure that other artists would have reacted so calmly to someone stealing their hard work. We are sending our positivity into the universe hoping that powerful forces can help resolve this issue sooner rather than later.