Are Ghost Producing Services Actually Turning Aspiring DJs into Dance Music Stars?

Ghost Production is no more prohibited topic to talk about, in contrast, nowadays there is a growing competition among companies engaged in the production of such services. Some of the names of mastodons among the ghost producers are even known to the public. And it’s not a secret that top industry DJ’s are using co-producers, ghost producers and other engineers to help them in making tracks, now is your chance to take advantage of the same arsenal of talented producers as well.

Nowadays there are different companies for each customer. For example, they are divided according to the price policy and the level of the service provided. You can come across such a platform as Ghost Producers. It is the one who today declares their intention to produce on a whole another level to launch your music career sky high.

So what is the difference between GhostProducers and sufficiently dynamically developing EDM Ghost Production? Firstly, the amount of promotion functions: personal selection of the producer and vocalist, development of a logo with a graphic designer and management also. In addition, all these functions are a unified and holistic concept. Here you won’t find ready-to-use tracks, because the GhostProducers policy is custom making and true care about each project they develop.

So, let’s take a closer look at what each of the stages represents.

EDM Producers whom you can meet on this website are getting support in sets, playlists and podcasts of Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell, Tiesto, The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Marshmello, Don Diablo, KSHMR, Oliver Heldens, W&W and other top DJs. The customer chooses a producer as per his or her liking, picking from a group of adept producers whose talents and interests are clearly outlined as their portfolios.

Here you can create an EDM track from scratch, collaborate or improve your existing track. Just listen to their demos and even photo to discover someone to start working with. Maybe you will create an entirely new electronic music movement with them! Keep calm – the agency gives all rights to the song to you and remain anonymous by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Plug into a few demos delivered by ghost producers King Of Bass, Hookahbang and Keydee

The next step is making your track more attractive and catchy by vocal. Ghost Production offers you award-winning singers to get those top-line vocals you have been looking for. Also you can submit your own track for adding vocal on top of it. The only thing you have to do is to choose one of vocalists from their catalog. Agree it is convenient, when everything you need – is in one place and you do not need searching on the internet several different websites to create a full-fledged live track.

Besides the musical component, advanced DJ needs visuals for a successful career, Ghost Production has the Graphics service that includes logo design, artwork, artist and label branding. Their smart and talented graphic designer will create the powerful brand for you, because he has worked with such famous names as Hexagon, Heldeep, Axtone, R3HAB, Alok, Going Deeper, Blasterjaxx, Dash Berlin and other. Set your goals high, make others take you more seriously and stand out from the crowd.

Having an excellent musical and visual arsenal remains to gain a name. The music is just one ingredient. Brands are built through marketing, advertising, networking, distribution, etc. The EDM industry is not fundamentally different than the pop industry. To do this, Ghost Production connects the management of the artist. Ghost Producers Management Services is aimed at solving a huge number of tasks related to the professional activities of a DJ.

The artist consulting services consist of career troubleshooting, tips and tricks, developing a growth strategy, discovering and determining your target audience, helping choose your dream-team (management, booking agent, lawyer, business manager, PR, etc.) as well as handling the copyrighting process and how to monetize your music. Take your music to the next level with Ghost Producers’ advanced management services.

The administration team will support your negotiations with potential partners (labels, booking agents, promoters, publishing partners, etc.), manage royalty collection and statements’ revision, music registration (author societies, publishing, neighboring rights) and business optimization as well as handle data processing (music catalogue, agreements, etc.)
Beyond all these functions the Ghost Producers can offer you a promotion. These guys has the tools to get your music heard. Their promotion agent has reached those goals himself, he is now ready to help you to:

  • Sign your track to a label (Spinnin’, Revealed, Sony, Armada, Flamingo, Be Yourself, Enhanced and etc.)
  • Get your track onto a radio show or playlist of a top DJ
  • Get access to promo, DJs’ Labels, Vocalist and other media channels e-mail database
  • Get you into the Spinnin’ Talent Pool Top 10

All these functions together are a powerful system for exposure and promotion of the artist. Therefore, clients have much more opportunities to develop your signature sound and increase his chances of being noticed in the highly competitive EDM scene. Further, the agency’s management and promo services clearly underline their ambition – they only aim for the very best and ensure that the customer’s tracks are showcased at the biggest shows, played as part of the most famous DJ shows and podcasts and release them on the best of labels in the industry. Ghost Producers hired the best industry professionals and united all necessary functions to build your promising music career.