Finding Euphoria is 2 Weeks Away and Festival Still Lacks Permit to Host Event

Travis County Commissioner, Gerald Daugherty, announced on Tuesday that the popular Texas EDM festival, Finding Euphoria, is still lacking their permit. This comes as a shocker since the festival is only 2 weeks away.

Finding Euphoria is scheduled to take place May 11th – 13th and while fans were anticipating the upcoming festival, there is a chance it may not happen at all. Compared to previous years, this year’s festival will be downsized from the usual 20,000 attendees over a 3-days to a maximum of 5,000 attendees with 2 days of camping and only 1 day of festival activities. The festival released that the reason for this downsizing was to create a more intimate atmosphere for their fans.

In previous years, Finding Euphoria Festival would acquire their permit to host the festival 3 months in advance. This year, however, the county staff members have stated the organizers are still missing necessary paperwork and are slow to respond to communications.

“Listen, man, there’s a real clear roadmap as to how to get here on this deal,” Daugherty said. “So if this is your deal, get it done.”

The festival is scheduled to be headlined by talents including Gramatik, Hippie Sabotage, Black Gummy and so much more. Hopefully, the situation works itself out, stay tuned for a follow-up on the situation.