Ekali and Medasin Tease at Upcoming Collaboration

With Coachella one week away, it seems like OWSLA‘s biggest upcoming star has a new release on the way. Ekali has been on a tear lately with two songs released this year already. Ekali is set to take the stage at Coachella next week for his biggest performance to date and while that is obviously beyond exciting, he promised fans that he would be releasing new music prior to Coachella.

Ekali has just tweeted a new post stating “4.12.18” signaling the date of his next big release. Soon after his post, Medasin commented on the post hinting at a possible collaboration between the two. We may not know the details of the collaboration until it’s release date but could this collaboration also be the much-anticipated project with Elohim as well? I guess only time can tell. Check out the Twitter hints below.