Watch DJ Snake Fight Fire In New “Magenta Riddim” Music Video

DJ Snake is heading to a Telangana town in southern India in his new music video in which he portrays a fellow commander of the French fire squad as he assists with an instructional segment on firefighting.

In the new music video for the banger, “Magenta Riddim” Snake plays a character who teams up with the fellow local fire commander as they record a segment on how to tame fires. They are also seen riding around town on patrol while the firefighters and neighbors are seen to be dancing uncontrollably. Eventually all seems well and happy until things take a hilarious dark turn at the end and a firefighter is now “woke“.

An interesting bit to note is that the video also features local artists and talent who are performers within “Tollywood,” which is the name for India’s Telugu-speaking film industry.

Check out the hilarious video above!