Deadmau5 Releases Clip of FPS Game

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It appears that Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) is putting in work to develop his own video game. This one’s for the lovers of the FPS genre.

Joel released footage on Twitch during a live stream of a large arena-style map similar to those found in Quake or Halo. The backdrop includes a giant structure of Joel’s famous mau5 looming from afar in a bright arena. Unfortunately for the excited, the game is in the earliest stages of infancy. We still have many moons to go until a full release.

This would not be the first instance of Joel becoming intertwined with the virtual world. Anyone who has played the open world game Watch Dogs can immediately draw parallels between a powerful hacker/DJ and Deadmau5.

The Twitch clip included information of the back-end mechanics of an in game weapon. If you wish to see for yourself, the clip can be viewed here. “We might fix the sniper rifle so that it has bullet drop… …the only gun in the game that does not have hitscan.” -Joel Zimmerman

Hitscan is the cumulative calculation that the program makes in order to register hits on a target. A weapon with hitscan will result in an immediate hit upon a click. While one that lacks this feature has it’s own physics, I.e. bullet drop.

The likelihood that we will see an EP that is released alongside the game’s release is large. Soundtracks in modern games have advanced significantly in the past decades since the 8-bit sounds of Mario. The current date has hour long epics which truly set an atmosphere. He may have a development team, but he would logically lead the audio development. If there is one thing that Joel is good at, is production value. So even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, it might be worth it to keep this info running in the background.