deadmau5 Just Barely Skipped a Plane Crash

As we all know touring DJs probably spend more time on a plane than they do in their own home. Often times their schedules are rather tight and a few minutes could mean whether or not they can make it to their next gig. In a recent interview with H3 Podcast, deadmau5 shares about a time when he was more than thankful that he missed his flight. Yes, you read that right, he was thankful he missed his flight.

In past years, Ibiza was not a popular location to fly into due to a mandatory sequence of connecting flights with stops in Heathrow and Madrid before you can finally touch down at Ibiza Airport. deadmau5 was all too familiar with this ordeal as he used to have gigs often in Ibiza back when he was a touring DJ. In his recent interview, Joel shared about a time when he sprinted from one end of Madrid Airport to the other end in attempt to catch a flight to Ibiza so he can make an important gig. Unfortunately, upon arriving at his designated terminal, he found out he had literally just missed his flight by a minute. He fumed in disbelief at his rotten luck but minutes afterward, he found out the plane he had just missed, went down less than a half mile from departure with no survivors.

Call it what you want but “luck” doesn’t do justice to what Joel experienced at Madrid Airport. You can check out his full interview with H3 Podcast below.

Deadmau5 Interview