Counsel Pop Debuts First EP

Counsel Pop Presents – EP

To quote masked producer, Malaa “People who show you new music are important.” With so many tunes out there waiting to be discovered, it’s essential to keep building your library. Like a food critic is revered for having a worldly taste palate, a diverse musical selection is imperative. It’s how you make new friends, pick yourself up after a break-up, or boogie til’ the sun comes up.

Today, to help you branch out into the vast world that is electronic music, we have something quite fresh. This is a new debut EP from up-and-comer, Counsel Pop. The four track EP titled Counsel Pop Presents was released a couple days ago off of Matt Zo’s label MAD ZOO.

Hashtagging his music as “tesco techno”, Counsel Pop’s EP perfectly combines drum ‘n’ bass in ‘trino (counsel’s mental mix). We’re sure you haven’t heard complex sound like this in a while, and that’s what makes this EP special.

Take a listen below and let us know what you think.

Counsel Pop Presents EP| Stream/Buy