Kill The Noise & Mat Zo - Kill The Zo Part I

Kill The Noise & Mat Zo – Part I

Dance music veterans Kill The Noise & Mat Zo have released a collaborative track that hits hard. Part I was released as an EP – it features the track and a remix by Krayysh. ‘Part I’ is a track that has been floating around SoundCloud for a couple years without an official release. ‘Kill The Zo‘ has polished and touched up ‘Part I’ on this EP cut. As a result, the track features more depth and atmosphere than it’s SoundCloud counterpart.

The track has a steady progression that starts hectic and chaotic. As the track builds, guitar elements and Asian-inspired samples progress into a gnarly second drop. The song shifts into a pretty melodic phase towards the end. It’s a very engaging and visceral track. Fans of Kill the Noise & Matt Zo should expect more releases from the duo coming soon. On twitter, Kill the Noise confirmed that there was more ‘Kill The Zo’ on the way with a tweet that features a preview of the new track. Down below, you can listen to the madness that is ‘Part I’.