Watch Virtual Self’s Incredible Festival Debut At BUKU

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Buku Music + Arts Festival just wrapped up their 7th year and the New Orleans based festival brought entertainment to attract everyone. There was one headliner, however, that some loyal fans had been patiently waiting to see, an unveiling if you will, of a familiar face with a different sound. Virtual Self, a.k.a Porter Robinson made his first official festival debut this weekend and if you didn’t make the show, you can watch the incredible set below.

Right out the gate, Virtual Self comes out swinging, from the futuristic grunge to the killer light production, just 2 minutes in and you know you’re watching this in its entirety. Unfortunately, at about 15 minutes, the sound cuts out. Some audience members said they could see how disappointed Virtual Self was, but after 10 minutes the crew figures it out and Porter comes back batting 1000.

Debuting his new project: Virtual Self, in November 2017, the producer played a show by himself in December and then played a surprise set at Holy Ship! in January. With a third show under his belt, we can’t wait to see more from him.