Check Out Porter Robinson’s First Virtual Self Show

The next Porter Robinson chapter has officially arrived, and if you’re a fan of “old Porter” you are going to love this. Years after WORLDS, Porter has just performed his first show under his Virtual Self alias. Fans were totally mystified as to what type of show this would be. We got some hints as Porter slowly took back many of his comments over the years looking down on the “rave culture” of his older shows and music. Now we know why.

Virtual Self threw down an incredible show featuring a heavy dose of trance, bass, and Dance Dance Revolution music. Porter Robinson has successfully mined the musical and visual themes behind JRPGs like Final Fantasy to create his next genius musical vision. Fans of the Porter from his early days will remember that he has frequently incorporated trance into his sets, and was masterful at weaving the various genres of electro, bass, and trance together. Now we’re seeing an evolution of that style, and it’s awesome! Lucky for us, the fans were out in force to record this epic experience. Check out a fan’s full set video above and get hype for when Virtual Self comes to you.