Detach from what destroys you.

Well, this didn’t exactly happen for one ecstasy dealer in Redditch, Worchester. Elliott Morris took a WhatsApp photo of his supply and sent it to all his friends without knowing his demise. Sentenced to eight and half years of prison, he was identified through fingerprint technology. For anyone that has seen the IKEA and Skype pills come up, you have been forewarned.

With only a very small portion of flesh to work with, specialist staff within the Joint Scientific Support Unit went to work. Using their “pioneering fingerprint techniques,” they were able to match the evidence to someone in the national database. Along with expert image-enhancing skills, the team was able to successfully identify the individual. Ellis admitted his conspiracy to drugs and also the involvement to supply cannabis.

The investigation began after local intelligence on Joe Thomas and Aaron McKay initially presented a small-scale “Gorilla Glue” cannabis operation. It soon unraveled into a much larger, sophisticated set-up. Morris is among one of nine gang members in this drug ring. His parents, Darren, 51, and Dominque, 44, are members as well. Sentenced by the Cardiff Crown Court, Ellis will join his parents in custody. His father received 27 months and his mother earned a year for cannabis conspiracy – guess it’s all in the family. Authorities arrested anyone connected to the Ellis headed operation including his girlfriend and the rest of the gang members.

Police seized a total of £36,000 worth of ecstasy, cocaine, £21,000 worth of cannabis and £20,000 worth of bitcoin. For more on the police investigation and sentence rundown, read the article here. Let’s remember that while hustling may be a get rich quick scheme, it is not the American dream, nor is it foolproof. It’s all fun and games until the cops get called.