Fans Are Pissed About Deadmau5′ TIDAL Exclusive Album

Yesterday, deadmau5 finally announced the impending release of his new orchestral album, titled where’s the drop?

The album will finally arrive on March 30th and will feature seventeen tracks. The highly anticipated album will broadcast the Canadian producer’s music, including “Strobe“, “Invidia“, and “Avaritia“, re-imagined by musical director, Gregory Reveret.

However, this announcement is bittersweet because the album will be released as a Tidal exclusive on deadmau5‘s mau5trap imprint.

Wait, what? Who the heck uses Tidal?

To put it lightly, fans are not impressed. And not surprisingly, deadmau5 does not care. Not even one bit.

He goes on to say that releasing an album exclusively through a streaming service is “not a new concept”. Fair, it’s not. But why not chose a more popular streaming service to broadcast your album on?

He does, however, make a note to point out that “they have included a link for a free 90 day sub”.

Regardless, if you’re like me, you pay for some sort of other streaming device that definitely isn’t Tidal. Maybe we’ll all go back to buying CDs. Life was much simpler back then.

Anyway, if you want a taste of what “where’s the drop? is going to sound like, because you refuse to stream it on Tidal, watch an orchestra record “Invidia” below: