Deadmau5 Crosses Himself Off As Ultra’s Unexpected Act

With Ultra Music Festival 2018 just around the corner, many are speculating as to just who the unexpected act could possibly be. The great thing about the Internet is there are always rumors and theories flying around about who it could be. Obviously, a Swedish House Mafia reunion has been at the top of everyone’s rumor list, but that reunion has essentially been squashed by Steve Angello announcing he will not be making an appearance at Ultra.

Plenty of other names have been thrown in the mix as well, including a Jack U reunion, to something as farfetched as Daft Punk possibly giving us all an incredibly rare performance. With all this speculation, there is one DJ who has taken to his personal Twitch account to eliminate himself from the possible choices, and that is Joel Zimmerman himself aka deadmau5.

In a live stream he did on Twitch, the master troll himself went on to deny any possibility of being Ultra’s unexpected act by jokingly stating,

“No, I’m definitely not the unexpected act because I would have had an expected deposit.”

Now, deadmau5 has had a very popular history of trolling his fans and getting trolled at himself, so whose to say he isn’t doing just that here? Nevertheless, the speculation continues as we inch closer and closer to Miami’s premier electronic music festival.

We’ll just have to wait and see come March 23rd.