Gary Richards Announces The Dates For The Inaugural Friendship

Ever since Gary Richards, aka Destructo, departed from Live Nation to take a position at rival LiveStyle, rumors have been circulating that he was going to plan his own festival cruise since he could no longer be the head of Holy Ship. A couple weeks ago, Richards confirmed in an interview that he would be pioneering a new cruise called “Friendship,” just as he pioneered Holy Ship. People have been eagerly waiting for details of Friendship since then, and Richards finally delivered.

Friendship will take its maiden voyage December 11-15th out of Miami on the Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship, a luxury cruise ship that boasts 13 lounges and bars and a multitude of other amenities.

Celebrity Equinox

In announcing the maiden voyage of The Friendship, Richards put out a heartfelt statement via his Destructo facebook page about the importance of friendship. Read the full statement below:

After Richards left Live Nation, many upset members of ShipFam, as they call themselves, opted out of attending Holy Ship this year, often repeating the phrase “No Gary, No Ship.” Well, they now have a new ship to join thankfully.

Friendship will be LiveStyle’s first festival cruise, under Richard’s AMFAMFAMF property. AMF is an acronym for “All My Friends,” which certainly seems to be the theme here.

With Friendship now a reality, how will Holy Ship fare with both its number of attendees, as well as its lineup? Will the staples of the Holy Ship community “jump ship,” so to speak?

The lineup for Friendship won’t be out for awhile, but you can sign up for e-mail updates at We are eager to see how this new event plays out.