Gary Richards Confirms New Cruise Festival with LiveStyle

EDMTunes is keeping you updated on Destructo‘s latest moves as often as we can. We reported on his Let’s Be Friends tour, his newest release Shots To The Dome” with Gerry Gonza, and much more. Most recently Gary Richards posted a Facebook link to a website for All My Friends festival. And now there is confirmation that DESTRUCTO is planning a new cruise festival, “Friend Ship“.

Originally the founder of Hard Events, Richards is now the President of LiveStyle. The Beverly Hills based company will almost certainly be the producer for the event. Richards is the original pioneer of Holy Ship. And the appropriately named Shipfam is incredibly dedicated. Many of the regular participants on the cruise festival opted out this year after hearing DESTRUCTO is no longer head of Hard Events and not involved in Holy Ship.

Will Friend Ship be able to compete with it’s predecessor? Will Groove Cruise also compete for sales with this new cruise festival. If history is a good measurement for success, Richards has nothing to fear. But with a saturated festival market and two incredibly recognizable established cruise festivals, how will Friend Ship fare on the high seas?