It’s not uncommon for artists to announce incredibly surprising news at the drop of a hat. Today is no exception, as popular Norwegian record producer Trippy Turtle has just revealed his plans to go on one final tour. The tour is set to launch in 2018.

Many fans are in complete awe, as the young artist seemed to be skyrocketing to success over the last 6 months with the release of his bass-heavy Halloween remix compilation, a new EP and his highly anticipated tour. Little did they know, the bass-loving musician has been pondering the idea of both cutting back his touring and setting sail on one last adventure. Today, his considerations are put to rest and the final outcome is bittersweet.

The artist, whose real name is Peder Losnegård, and his hardworking team have collaborated with Electric Family, EarPeace and Dancing Astronaut in order to raise awareness for important subjects such as hearing health and environmental protection during the final stretch of the tour. If you didn’t already love this musician, his assistance with promoting the relevance of these impacts should.

You can check out his tour schedule below.