Burning Man has been situated in its home of Black Rock City, Nevada annually since its move in 1990, and its attendance numbers have grown progressively since then. The event is currently capped at 68,000 participants – but Burning Man is hoping to change that.

Burning Man organizers and officials from the Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM) met with locals from Lovelock, Gerlach and Reno – three of the most affected towns by the yearly event – to discuss growth possibilities and allow individuals to voice their concerns.

The event’s organizers are hoping to raise the cap to 80,000 participants at minimum or 100,000 maximum. This cap raise would be a long-term movement over the course of a few years and would not take place immediately.

Burning Man is also hoping to gather more land for the event – over 500 acres more, to be exact – that would be closed to the public that are not attendees prior to, during and after the event for a set period of time.

The BLM is planning to release more details on the event’s new conditions in late 2018 and aims to have a final draft by early 2019.

h/t USA Today