Porter Robinson Retracts His 2014 Tweet Stating His “Shows Are Not Raves”

Porter Robinson has made a name for himself by performing masterful live shows and producing passionate tracks that are inspired by his personal interests. Although Porter produces electronic music, he has always seen his productions and performances as more like works of art that portray his true musical talents.

In 2014, he notably tweeted to the world that his “shows are not raves” in reflection of his beliefs. But just a few days before his big debut as his new alter ego, Virtual Self, Porter has shocked his fans once again by tweeting “jk” to retract his famous 2014 statement. Could this mean that Virtual Self will retrace back to the days of mainstream raving? A simple two letters has led to an outburst of so many questions. One can only assume that Virtual Self could be a return to the glory days of Porter Robinson “raves”.

Porter is set to debut as his new alias, Virtual Self, this weekend in Brooklyn. For all of you lucky fans that are planning to attend this weekend, it was announced that his sold-out show has moved to a new venue. You can check out his tweets as well as the new venue address below.  You can also click here now to take a listen to his new Virtual Self EP.