Porter Robinson- Virtual Self EP

Porter virtual self

Porter Robinson- Virtual Self EP

The legend has returned. Porter Robinson returns to the airwaves today with the release of a five track EP called Virtual Self. This latest work of art stems far away from his Worlds concept and even further from his earlier days of Spitfire.

The EP consists of five tracks, all with varying sounds. Within the EP, Porter embodies two different aliases. The two aliases, Pathselector and Technic Angel, seem to portray two sides or feelings that Porter Robinson wants to illustrate. Under Technic Angel, you’ll find ‘Eon Break’, ‘Key’, and ‘Particle Arts’. Under Pathselector you’ll find ‘Ghost Voices’ and ‘A.I.ngel’.

Throughout the years, Porter Robinson has astonished his fans with his unique and different sounds. This EP is no different. One track, ‘Ghost Voices’, has a tech-house sound to it but still has a unique melodic tune while another track, ‘Eon Break’, is more drum and bass. Porter’s DDR roots shine through on ‘A.I.ngel’ and ‘Particle Arts’. All the while, ‘Key’ embodies exactly what fans love about Porter Robinson. A unique and catchy track suited for any feel good moment.

The EP can be found on its own website virtualself.co for you to sample and listen to. Hopefully this is just the beginning of more Porter material coming soon.