Nitti Gritti- No Calls

Ricky Mears, aka Nitti Gritti, has blossomed onto the EDM scene in an amazingly short time. His debut performance at Wynwood Fear Factory in October really set the tone for his career, as well as his recent ground breaking performances at EDC Orlando and Nocturnal Wonderland. He has proven his aptitude for creating bass heavy tracks listeners can head bang to. His cover of Skrillex‘s ‘Would You Ever’ remains a fan favorite after giving listeners a taste of what his own vocals were qualified to do.

The IPA beer-loving DJ does not disappoint with his latest track ‘No Calls‘, which was released yesterday and already has over 10,000 plays on Soundcloud. The trap-infused track is the perfect combination of hip-hop and EDM and is impossible not to bob your head to. Fans are thirsty for more Nitti Gritti after the premiere of this self produced, self sung, and self mastered track.

Check out ‘No Calls’ below.

Nitti Gritti – No Calls