Skrillex – Would You Ever (Nitti Gritti Remix)

DJ Nitti Gritti is emerging as one of the industry’s hottest names at the moment with the support of bass heavy hitters SLANDER and NGHTMRE. A DJ, singer, rapper, drummer, guitarist, AND pianist, Nitti Gritti shows his talents have no limits as he is known to do all of his own production. His take on some of the dance music’s biggest have quickly earned him a big following over the past year and half. Recently his ‘Lights‘ Remix collected 233K plays on Soundcloud and now the young artist is following up with a remix of another mega hit.

This time Nitti Gritti comes at us with his take on Skrillex’sWould You Ever‘. Already a huge hit, this is a remix you won’t want to pass up. Gritti does the song justice by maintaining a care free tempo but still energizing it even more. Next, Poo Bear’s vocals are replaced with Gritti’s OWN vocals. They’re given a metallic effect that adds some spice to the hit. Piano and booming synths are thrown into the track showing the DJ’s creative flare. With a mass collection of music yearning to be released we can’t wait to see what Gritti brings to the rest of 2017.

Skrillex – Would You Ever (Nitti Gritti Remix) | Free Remix