One of the more long standing, but also hushed beefs in dance music would be the one between Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tomorrowland, and Hardwell. Essentially the gist of it is that Hardwell made some comments concerning DVLM and their close connection with Tomorrowland and the iPad voting practice. Since that year Hardwell has not appeared at a Tomorrowland event and he certainly hasn’t done any type of collaboration with the Belgian duo. However, this Summer it appeared as if Hardwell was on better terms with them as they appeared together.

Just this weekend Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were hosting their Bringing the Madness annual arena show, when they brought out a huge surprise. Hardwell joined them on stage, essentially signaling that the beef had been squashed once and for all. They even got in on some b2b action and dropped an upcoming collaboration they’ve been working on. Naturally the next thought would be whether we might see Hardwell return to Tomorrowland in 2018. Surely the chances are better than they’ve been in quite some time, but only time will tell.