Australian native DJ Thomas Jack is well known for his tropical house stylings. In fact, his first claim to electronic music fame stems from a podcast called Tropical House. And his impressive five-and-a-half hour mix from Groove Cruise LA certainly includes a bit of that tropical vibe – but the main drive of Thomas Jack’s most recent mix on SoundCloud definitely diverges from his original sound.

The mix begins with a progressive techno tune, building slowly over seven minutes. This opening foretells the thematic elements that continue throughout the set. Jack includes a large selection of tech house and techno tracks throughout the five and a half hours. The precision sound production and groovy basslines take over the listener in a flawless progression.

From slow technical builds to strange one-off vocal samples, this mix has everything a tech head could want. He also includes some more popular songs, such as the Ibiza favorite Cola by Camelphat. There are even several times Jack mixes in some upbeat tropical house tunes, but the overall mix feels much darker and psychologically thrilling.

Thomas Jack signaled this switch to a more techy vibe a few months ago. And fans are thrilled. One SoundCloud user has “been waiting so long for [him] to post something since [he] became a techy vibe.”

His most recent release, The Versus EP, came out three months ago and hosted two progressive techno tunes. It comes as no surprise that the first big mix Thomas posted after his EP was heavily influenced by Tech House and Techno.

You can find Thomas Jack’s epic Groove Cruise mix below and listen to his new EP on his SoundCloud page!

Thomas Jack @ Groove Cruise LA – October 7, 2017