DJ Snake & Beats by Dre Collab for ‘Above the Noise’ Short Film

You’ve heard about artists who have dealt with a vast variety of struggles, but some electronic dance music enthusiasts would be surprised to know that DJ Snake has also lived through his fair share of difficult shortcomings. Beats by Dre’s latest global campaign launching the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphone tells true tales involving high profile athletes and artists and what they had to do before rising to fame. ‘Above the Noise‘ gives fans a deeper perspective on the success of the legendary Parisian DJ – some may be baffled by the steps that he took to be where he is today.

Directed by the talented Colin Tilley, the short film gives its viewers a closer perspective on the incredible musician’s journey. Born & raised in Paris, William Sami Etienne Grigahcine, known professionally as DJ Snake, did not live a fairytale childhood. Having to push through the odds, the record producer independently and bravely stepped out of his comfort zone to pursue his true passion: music. “Music was the only thing that I really cared about.”

As his career started to develop, the world started to take notice. The French producer never forgot his roots – making the highlight of his journey one that truly means everything to him.

“Playing the roof of the Arc de Triomphe was a moment I wanted to keep forever so when Beats asked me if they could make a short film about that night, and my journey to that point… it was easy to say yes.”

If you do not get a sense of motivation while watching the clip – you may want to take a step back & rewatch it because the real triumph was not the success of an icon, it was the inspiration displayed through the video to pursue one’s dreams and greatest desires. You can do anything that you put your mind to – never give up! Maybe one day you will be heard above the noise…