Rezz Is Out Of This World On Her Mass Manipulation Tour

Image result for rezz live san francisco22-year-old DJ and producer Rezz, also known as Isabelle Rezazadeh, fully embodies the term one-of-a-kind. Her genre-bending music, incredibly unique aesthetic and enchanting stage presence is quite literally out of this world. She has been busy on the road, taking her Mass Manipulation tour to cities across the globe, captivating people with her live show and incredible talent. EDMTunes was lucky enough to attend the show in Richmond, Virginia a couple weeks ago, and once again in San Francisco at The Warfield last weekend. Let’s just say, it was nothing short of impressive.

The anticipation before Rezz came on stage was intense. All of the lights were off and an eerie, intergalactic intro crept into the speakers. The screen suddenly lit up with an anime-esuqe graphic resembling her, then she walked behind the decks shortly after. The crowd went CRAZY. She played most of her new album along with old fan favorites. ‘Edge‘ was the track that made me fall in love with Rezz last year and when I finally heard it live, I was mesmerized. ‘Relax‘ slowed the pace down a little with its wordy intro, and brought it right back to a heavy sound that blew my mind. The entire set had enough synthy bass to bring the entire venue down to the ground. Nonetheless, every drop was different, all of her songs are distinct while carrying consistency in vibe, and each has her signature touch.

But aside from everything that was happening on the stage, there was something else that I noticed- the fans. Rezz fans, or better known as ‘Rezzbians’, are a dedicated people. Everyone around me was beyond stoked to be there, asking each other how many times they’ve seen Rezz, chatting about the new album, welcoming first-timers with open arms, and trying to shake the pre-show excitement jitters as they waited for Rezz to grace the stage. The energy was contagious and was hard not to get caught up in it all.

It was so inspiring to watch such a young woman up on stage, playing a sold-out show, and making a crowd of such devoted fans go wild to her music. It truly was a beautiful thing to witness and was a set that I have been playing back in my head ever since I left the venue last Friday. Be sure to catch Rezz on her remaining tour dates, this is a show you don’t want to miss. Her future is looking to be quite bright and we can’t wait to see what she does next. Stay tuned!