Rezz has Officially Manipulated the Masses

As she comes to the conclusion of her Mass Manipulation world tour, it’s very clear that 22-year-old alien queen Isabelle Rezazadeh, better known as Rezz,  has officially touched down from outer space, bringing along her signature alien brand and unique musical style to a mass of Earthlings across the world. EDMTunes was on hand at her show in Richmond, Virginia, and we can safely confirm that this alien, who actually hails from Niagara Falls, Canada, has made her landing.

When it comes to traditional high energy artists and their standard tour sets, you can expect at least a few breaks in the set for a pop or rock throwback, something that gives the headbangers a short break. Not with Rezz. First of all, it is difficult to place Rezz in one particular genre. Her combination of high energy house production mixed with melodic and traditional dubstep elements is something never heard before. Start to finish, her Mass Manipulation set was heavy, and filled with music not commonly heard in other DJ sets. There were no breaks, and honestly none were needed. The flow was impeccable, and while the energy remained high throughout, it did not feel tiring or outdone. Seeing and hearing something different was a breath of fresh air, and nearly none of the most oft played popular heavy songs of the year made it into Rezz’s set.

As she weaved through each track of the entire Mass Manipulation album, she continued dropping bomb after bomb that kept making me say, “wait this one is by Rezz too?” Each track on the album is different, yet once you understand her style it becomes very clear what makes a Rezz record standout from tracks by other artists.

Mass Manipulation is Rezz’s debut album, and the first world tour of her young career. Already firmly entrenched into her position on deadmau5’s mau5trap Records, we can only expect to see her continue on an upward trend. Congratulations to Rezz for her massively successful first tour, and we look forward to hearing more. If you have not yet, take a listen to Mass Manipulation below.