Kaskade Settles Debate Over Pronunciation of “Redux”

You’ve heard of Kaskade and you’ve heard of ‘Redux’… Hold up… Is the correct pronunciation “Ree-dux” or “Ree-do?” 

This is one of the biggest debates we didn’t even know we needed to have. Ever since Kaskade released his first Redux EP years ago, conflicts on how to pronounce the title have emerged. Now, with the release of Redux 002 EP, the debate has intensified. Many have pronounced it as “Ree-dux” from the beginning, but fans are sharing their own ways of saying it.

This week, one particular fan took to Twitter to ask the producer herself.

While the producer replied by saying he pronounces it as “re-do”, other fans chimed in with their unique way of saying “Redux”.

While the producer stands behind the “re-do” pronunciation, he still can’t even decide which is the right way.

If you haven’t already listened to Redux EP 002, what are you waiting for? It’s a beautiful follow up to Redux EP 001, and is a return to pure house music. Deep, melodic and simply perfect.

The EP is out now on the producer’s Arkade imprint.