Austrian Police Find 400,000 Ecstasy Tablets

A0R731 E Ecstasy pills or tablets close up studio shot methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Image shot 2004. Exact date unknown.

The Austrian government has come out and said they have seized 400,000 Ecstasy pills worth millions of Euros in a truck headed to Istanbul from Amsterdam. Andrea Doczy of the Finance Ministry says the street value of the drugs is about $4.64 million US Dollars. The drugs were found on October 31st during a search of the truck in the city of Wels, Austria. The pills were supposedly hidden in barrels in the truck. The driver said he was paid $11,590 US Dollars to transport the drugs, most likely from the dealer who they came from or a person in charge of transporting the dealer’s drugs.

We don’t know what kind of prison term the driver could receive and it is hard to tell because Europe’s countries have different laws than the USA. Plus the fact that he was caught in a different country than where they came from could have an effect. Amsterdam has long been a worldwide supply of illegal drugs because of its relaxed drug laws. Much of the ecstasy consumed in the entire world is made there and a shipment like this could be minuscule when compared to the total scale of what they export.