Tony Hawk’s Son is Producing Tracks Under The Name ‘Gupi’

Everybody know’s who Tony Hawk is. Turns out the famous skateboarder’s son is making some noise and gaining some fame in the music world. 18-year-old Spencer Hawk has been producing music under the name ‘Gupi’ and his music shows great potential.

Gupi has actually been making music for some time. For the past two years the teen has been creating unique and catchy originals. With his second EP Company released just a few days ago, he has started to catch some attention.

The young producer has been releasing tracks on his own and through the internet label RORA Team. With heavy influences of techno and trap, Gupi finds himself a niche in dance music. His musical style encompasses heavy bass, distorted synths, intricate rhythms, and well crafted melodies to bring you musically creative tracks.

Based in Southern California with a celebrity father, Spencer has a foundation to become a well known name in the industry. However he is not the only member of the family who taken an interest in music. Spencer’s brother, Riley Hawk, has been known to create amateur Stoner Rock.

Another factor that’ll give you a glimpse at the Gupi’s personality is his social media. He has a quirky style and sense of humor that can be witnessed on his Instagram. Looks like talent may run in the Hawk family, but this time its been reincarnated in comedy and musical craft.

Check out Gupi’s Newest EP below.