Steve Angello – Act 2: Inferno. I Know & Freedom (feat. Pusha T)

Steve Angello – I Know & Freedom (feat. Pusha T)

2017 has seen the reemergence of Steve Angello, who unlike the other two Swedish House Mafia members remained quite in 2016. In spring, Angello broke his silence and announced that a new album called Almost Human was underworks. This was followed by another announcement in the summer that a documentary ‘The Last Free Space’ was also being produced. But Angello didn’t stop there and hit us with another surprise after festival season.

With the signing of a record deal with Kobalt, we were informed that the new album would be released in three parts: Act 1 – Genesis, Act 2 – Inferno, and Act 3 – Paradiso. It’s been nearly two months since the release of Act 1 and now the wait for Act 2 is over.

Act 2: Inferno features two tracks called ‘I Know‘ and ‘Freedom‘. The tracks are strikingly different from Angello’s previous tracks, but we shouldn’t be surprised. The artist stated earlier in August that “he need to change the way he made music” and these songs showcase this reinvention. ‘I Know’ contains an element of edginess that is supported by classic 80’s synths and a clean, yet soulful vocal hook. ‘Freedom’ follows up with vocals from rapper Pusha T known for his collaborations with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Timbaland. The production in ‘Freedom’ is noticeably scaled back to allow Pusha T’s lines to be raw and heard. Both tracks have a dark entrancing tone to them that leaves us excited for Act 3. The minimalistic production shows that creating songs out of very few layers is a task only a true artist can undertake.

Steve Angello – I Know

Steve Angello – Freedom (feat. Pusha T)