Get Ready for Airport-Style Security at Vegas Hotels

You knew this was coming in the wake of that horrific Las Vegas shooting. Already the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas began scanning visitors with metal detector wands and inspecting bags, creating a 10 minute wait to enter. This new security protocol is unfortunately likely to extend to the rest of the Strip and into the foreseeable future.

Security for these venues must be reconfigured for the idea that tall buildings can be used as sniper perches. There’s no other way to screen for weapons at this scale, so when you roll up to your hotel for EDC Vegas next year, be prepared for bag checks just like you’d experience while camping at the festival.

The ripple effects of the attack will likely be far and wide, as the added security measures will come at a cost that will be passed on to the consumers. You will likely see live events in the future featuring metal detectors as well as anti-sniper teams