New Reports Say More People Are Going To Music Festivals Than Ever Before

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New Reports Say More People Are Going To Music Festivals Than Ever Before

Festickets, Europe’s leading music festival travel platform, recently released a study showing that more people than ever before are attending music festivals. Moreover, the study concludes that the music festival business as a whole has grown rapidly over the last year and shows signs of continuing.

Zack Sabban, the co-founder and CEO of Festickets, spoke on the surprising increase in festival attendance:

“After five years of working with festivals worldwide, and gathering data insights from the front-line, it’s amazing to see how the market keeps growing and changing over time. More people are going to festivals than ever before, and they’re travelling further to find the experience they’re looking for. At the same time, festivals themselves are diversifying and expanding, creating more choice for fans.”

The study included various statistics about customer behavior and experiences. Some stats include 67% of patrons choose to camp at festivals while 48% of European festival attendees are come from outside of Europe. The study also showed that the music festival business is expected to grow by almost 2 billion Euro.

Festickets has one of the largest customer bases in the world and access to massive amounts of data. To do the study, Festickets tapped into their one million plus subscriber base to spot trends in the industry. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that Festickets is primarily in Europe. These results may not be totally representative of music festivals in other regions of the world. Still, the study shows promising results that can only mean good things for frequent festival goers. You can check out the infographic below for more info: