Here’s a First Look at LIV Miami’s $10 Million Makeover

LIV Miami is one of the most iconic nightclubs in the world and certainly in the Southeast. So when LIV closed up shop for the Summer to go under the knife, many were wondering what the final product would look like. Now LIV has offered up a sneak preview ahead of its preview weekend.

The entire renovation went by in a quick 2 months, and tha includes preparation, evacuation, and cleanup from Hurricane Irma. The key to this renovation is LED screens. They adorn almost every surface of the club now, and they all connect up to the monstrous “robot chandelier” up top. It can lower itself down on the crowd and move to the music, although the preview video below doesn’t show that off yet. Check out the full preview courtesy of Miami’s Channel 7 News below. We can’t think of anybody better to christen that bad boy chandelier than Skrillex and his “Humble” remix dropping Friday.