Google Assistant is Already in Headphones

Google Assistant built in headphones

Google has yet to make an announcement about third-party devices supporting its Google Assistant but Bose headphones that have Google Assistant built-in are set to be released September 22. For those who don’t know Google Assistant is Google’s version of Siri or Alexa and is arguably the smartest of them all.

Third-party speakers with Google Assistant were made available just earlier this year and while Google has been making plans to bring it to headphones, not a peep has been made about official releases. Despite the lack of an official announcement about partnering with third-parties to bring Google Assistant to headphones, Bose will update their noise cancelling headphones with this added function. Bose’s latest noise cancelling QuietComfort 35 II with Google’s voice assistant built-in, allowing users to take the functions of Google Home anywhere.

Functions of the headphones include the same commands as Google Home or Google Assistant on a phone. Users can send text messages using with voice, access third-party voice apps, and ask their smart assistant questions. One added function of the headphones is spoken notifications to alert users whenever a new notification pops up. Pressing a button will have the device read out the message and another button will allow users to respond to the notification.

These headphones are not exclusive to Android users as Google Assistant pairing has shown up on the iOS Google app. One of the first to include Google Assistant capabilities, the headphones will be available on September 22 and retail for $350.