Justice’s New Video Is Out Of An X-Rated Movie

Justice’s New Video Is Out Of An X-Rated Movie

Justice's photo
The French duo Justice, known for their catchy electro indie/pop sounds and their funky style, are giving us once again something to talk about. As the final cut for their new video Pleasure from the album Woman is out, we can only say that the visual content literally does justice to the name of the song.

What can be expected in these 3:36 minutes? Well, be prepared for some naked bodies, passionate make-out, and more.

The video starts with a couple kissing and embracing, and it slowly drifts into some explicit softcore. Mix it with some lasers and a milky way background, and you get a delightful result that goes along with the lyrics “use your imagination as a destination”.

While people still remember the hypnotic, yet upsetting video of “Stress“, which shows the darker and violent side of a gang in Paris, we are sure that this new video will also be remembered, but for other completely different reasons.

So don’t wait any longer and watch the video below. We must warn you, it’s NSFW.